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Zan Info Solutions has worked with some of the world’s leading brands to build systems that extend their reach to customers, partners, and consumers through an ever-increasing mix of interactive and social technologies.

Zan Info Solutions’s Services for Retail clients range from complex system modernizations to leading edge innovations in multi-channel sales and distribution. Through our deep relationships with several key eCommerce vendors, we have addressed many of the critical challenges facing retailers today. Our experience here has allowed us to take on many innovative engagements with leading Retailers in both Europe and North America.

Our Retail strengths include: eCommerce implementations based on leading proprietary and open-sourced packages; Catalog development and production; Pricing and Configuration Management; Mobile retail solutions, Payment Systems; Order Management and Fulfillment; Digital Asset Management; Merchandising and Recommendations; Social touchpoints integration; CRM and Marketing Systems; Knowledge Solutions and a range of Enterprise development, testing and maintenance services.

Our Retail clients have been early adopters of Agile and Lean development practices. Working together, we have transformed organizations where technology was just a tool to support their businesses into organizations that use technology to expand and revolutionize their business models to touch more consumers than ever before.

Consumer services

Our perspective in the CPG segment is necessarily consumer and brand-centric. Whether we are working in a model that leverages our local client service capabilities, our NearShore models or our distributed global delivery capability, we believe that every technology effort we engage in should be undertaken with a sense of fidelity and responsibility to the brands we are supporting. This means that our commitment to quality does not end at the door of our customer’s headquarters, but rather extends locally, nationally, and in many cases globally to encompass the entire brand community – from employees to partners, to customers, and to consumers.
With every system we help to design, implement and support, we recognize that the quality of our work directly impacts the consumer experience of our clients’ brands and affects their level of engagement and loyalty to them. Our strength in this market is built on our successful delivery in a range of solution areas:

  • Enterprise systems modernization and extension including key ERP systems like SAP and Oracle
  • Human Capital Management
  • Sales and CRM
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Complex product configuration
  • e-Supply Chain, Pricing, Distribution, Web, Mobile and Collaboration systems
  • LOyality solution(subpage of retails&cpg)

Zan Info Solutions works with clients across industries to develop and enhance customer-centric solutions.

From technologies that promote customer engagement to enhanced service applications, to deep marketing analytics and business intelligence solutions, our integrated CRM services and capabilities can help simplify CRM initiatives and drive customer value.

Our strengths include:

  • Loyalty and Rewards programs
  • Customer Interaction Centers
  • Implementation of proprietary, SaaS, and open source CRM and Contact Management Systems
  • Database Marketing and Analytics
  • Customer visioning tools
  • Campaign/Offer and Promotional Management technologies
  • Social media integration and tracking

Because CRM efforts typically encompass a range of business and technology challenges, Zan Info Solutions approaches each project with a unique custom-fit approach. Our engagements range from a ‘buy and integrate’, to a ‘component build’, to a complete ‘custom build’ solution. As with many of our strategic focus areas, Zan Info Solutions continues investing resources in developing a range of solution accelerators that include both highly specialized consulting capabilities as well as software components. By working closely with our customers and our partners, Zan Info Solutions is able to support CRM initiatives that may range from global multi-country, multi-language efforts to specialized micro sites that deliver personalized offers to a given consumer segment.

Zan Info Solutions advantage

Zan Info Solutions’s expertise and experience in CRM and related front-end sales systems allows us to provide an integrated services offering that takes advantage of leading components, Zan Info Solutions IP, and our advanced engineering capabilities, optimized by the cost advantages of our NearShore/Offshore development team flexibility.


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