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Enterprise Application Platforms
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We extend the platform without compromising requirements, systems interoperability and pushing the platform off the upgrade path.

Enterprises considering any significant IT initiative are most often faced with a ‘build vs. buy’ decision. The addition of new models such as Cloud or SaaS makes this decision process even more complex. By choosing to start with an application platform, an organization can significantly reduce time-to-market and improve the overall scalability and maintainability of their solutions.
Zan Info Solutions’s depth in commercial software product development has allowed us to build advanced competencies in some of the leading enterprise platforms. Through the combination of our product development activities and the many implementation and extension projects we have done for customers, we bring depth of expertise in this space, supporting everything from Cloud Services to Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Content Management, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Application Integration, and many other important domains.

  • Zan Info Solutions Advantage:

By working with some of the globally recognized packaged software applications and platform vendors for two decades, Zan Info Solutions has a unique visibility into the strengths and challenges associated with many of them. We bring our insight along with our ability to effectively extend the platform without compromising business requirements, systems interoperability and without pushing the platform off the upgrade path. Often, Zan Info Solutions also functions as an extension of a product partner’s professional services organization, letting us offering proven tools and practices that are tailored to optimizing a particular application or technology platform.

  • Zan Info Solutions Services:

Zan Info Solutions has deep experience with a broad range of commercial platforms and has taken an active role in building many of them (Zan Info Solutions Systems participated in the development of the platforms marked with )


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